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I recently learned that I am pregnant. When do I need to have a conversation about it with my employer? How does that conversation go? Also, when do people typically tell co-workers?
Answered by Nikki, Hiring Expert at Fifth Third Bank, on Wednesday, October 9, 2013
First and foremost Congrats! There is not an expectation that is set in to place when you should tell employer you are pregnant. For all practical reasons it should be when you are comfortable. However, if you know that there are big projects coming up and that you will be absent for a majority of it, I would let my employer know so that they can plan accordingly to have some ready to be your back up. Otherwise, it is really up to you and what you are comfortable with.
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Thursday, October 10, 2013
Although it is different for everyone, you should probably inform your employer around the same time that you inform family and friends.  This will allow your employer to begin to prepare for your absence and allow you to take advantage of any resources that your employer may have for expectant mothers.  You should not be concerned about negative reactions from your employer as it is illegal for them to discrimate against your because you are expecting.  As far as co-workers, I would advise them shortly after you let your manager know. 
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Congratulations!  It is entirely up to you when you wish to tell your employer and your co-workers your good news.  There are not any set guidelines or even recommendations as it can vary from person to person depending on personal circumstance.  When you are comfortable and start sharing your news with family and friends, then I would recommend informing your employer and co-workers so you can work together to plan coverage, as well as allow yourself time to work with Human Resources on any questions you might have regarding benefits, etc. 

Once again, congratulations!  
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