/ Asked by Peter
Only one interview I've ever had asked me "What do you want written on your headstone?" Is this question out of the ordinary. Why did they ask this question? Does it really reveal anything about the prospective employee?
Answered by Jessica, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
While this is not a question I typically ask candidates, it sounds like the interviewer was trying to learn more about you and what you value most. My recommendation is that you should always be thoughtful in your answers and be able to provide support for your answer.
Answered by Bryan, Hiring Expert at IBM Corporation, on Thursday, May 16, 2013
I can definitely understand your surprise with this question as it is a bit grim.  Usually, these types of questions are meant to get you thinking more about yourself, so they can dig a bit deeper into why you would want certain things to be written on your headstone.  Personally, I do not see much value to those types of questions, but you need to be ready for them.  It is best to keep it simple and straightforward such as...A loving father / mother, hard worker and (insert favorite sports team) fan.  They are usually looking to see how you react to the question than the actual answer itself.  If a question throws you off a bit during the interview, there is nothing wrong with taking a bit of a pause and deep breath to help you refocus during the interview.  
Answered by Susan, Hiring Expert at Praxair, Inc., on Monday, June 3, 2013
Sometimes questions like these are used, because there is no right or wrong answer, but rather the Company wants to understand more about your personality, what makes you "tick", what drives your motivation, etc. 

So think about the answer in terms of a company evaluating you as a potential employee to invest in.  Your answer could be a) "I want to be known as a great leader of people, helping them do things they never thought they could do", or b) "I want to be the scientist who discovered the cure for cancer", etc.  Give them some insight into what you are passionate about (but put this into business oriented terms).

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