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I started a new job last week and I hate it. I'm worried I've made a huge mistake. If I act fast, I think I can get my old job back. What should I do?
Answered by Lori, Hiring Expert at Cigna, on Friday, August 28, 2015
It can be disappointing to start a new job and realize you don't enjoy it, but I would recommend not making any rash decisions. Take a step back and remember why you accepted the role and why you were leaving your old role. When you start a new position, it can sometimes take a little while before you can feel comfortable with your responsibilities and environment. Change isn't always easy, but reflect on what the new role can provide you with; opportunities to learn new skills and push yourself out of your comfort zone. If it is a specific part of the new role that you don't like, perhaps you can have a meeting with your manager to discuss possible solutions so that it ends up being a win-win situation. If you a leave a role without giving it a chance, you may burn bridges with that company and you might feel like you are settling by going back to your prior employment. Overall, stick things out for at least a month or two before you decide to look elsewhere, and you may end up being surprised that you actually like the new role.
Answered by Mandy, Hiring Expert at Mutual of Omaha, on Monday, August 31, 2015
I would reflect on why you left your previous job. Do you really think that you will be happy going back there? And why do you hate your new job? I would weigh the pros and cons before making any rash decisions. You don't want to burn any bridges at your new job so you need to give proper notice if you decide to go back to your previous position. Starting a new position and learning new things can take time and you may end up being happier in the end.
Answered by Sylvia, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., on Monday, September 21, 2015
I completely agree that you need to reflect on why you left the other place and also believe you need to keep in mind: Did you give the new job  chance after one week? Is it that you hate the new place, company culture, work, etc or that you miss your old colleagues? Change can be hard sometimes but if you stay positive and grow in the new position it might be best for future opportunities. What company do you think will help you grow your career, knowledge and skills? 
Wish you all the best!  
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