/ Asked by Amel
From the perspective of an employer looking to hire recent graduates, what would be your opinion on 3-year accelerated college programs? 
Answered by Ashlyn, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, on Monday, June 18, 2018
This is a good question. A couple of thoughts come to mind; it shows a good deal of commitment and passion to get into the workforce, as well as good prioritization and time management skills as long as you are able to carry a high GPA. On a resume, however, you don't usually see how long a student is enrolled in college, only the date of graduation, so you would likely be considered the same as the others in the process. If you can do it, that is fantastic, but it is not something that we look for specifically. Best of luck!
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Monday, June 25, 2018
Typically a job description will reference expectations in that area.  If a company is looking specifically for a 4 year accredited University Bachelors or Masters, they are probably going to be that specific.  If they are just looking for a completed degree, then you will be listing year and degree obtained, the speed with which you do it won't be relevant. 

If you have an opportunity to go to a career fair hosted by your school or in your industry of interest, that is a great question to ask directly of a recruiter for the company you want to work for.  Different companies are going to have different expectations. 

Good Luck!
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