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What do employers think about graduate school? I am a senior in college, graduating in 2018 but am going back to go to graduate school. Do you recommend getting full time jobs while in graduate school? Would it hinder my job chances because I would unavailable after 5pm once/twice a week?
Answered by Natesa, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Great question! When it comes down to it, the benefit of graduate school really depends on the organization you work for and your own personal career goals. There are some organizations that will preference employees that went to graduate school, and there are some organizations that don't. It also depends on what your major was; there are certain roles that you can't aspire too without that degree. Another piece to think about is if a company offers any type of tuition reimbursement plan. Like Textron, many companies offer tuition reimbursement plans to help their employees further their education, while working. Going to school full time will most likely hinder your job chances, but it definitely depends on the organization and type of role.
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018
I would agree with Natesa that the benefit of graduate school really depends on the company and career field. Some companies put a stronger emphasis on graduate school than others. It also depends on your career goals. Does the job you want require an advanced degree? I think it would be difficult to get a full-time job (that aligns with your field) while in school but that doesn't mean it's impossible because all companies and jobs are different. Another option would be to obtain a full-time job after you finish your undergrad degree then go back to grad school part-time or at a later date. Several companies offer tuition assistance or reimbursement so it could be a cost saving as well. But again, it all depends on your career goals and job field. I think it's first important to understand the requirements of the job you are trying to obtain.
Good luck!
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