/ Asked by Luisa
I have just been completely and successfully discharged from Ch 13 Bankruptcy and have fully satisfied all that was required under the plan. My filing bankruptcy was such a painful experience for me and my family but it was all I could do to maintain a home for my children after going through two dramatic and long unemployment periods after the 2009 Financial Crisis. I have relocated and am searching for a job in Financial Services. How can I address my bankruptcy? And how will it reflect or prevent me from ever being able to find work in the profession that I love?
Answered by Sara, Hiring Expert at Grace, on Friday, August 11, 2017
That sounds horrible. I would be honest about the fact that the 2009 financial crisis impacted you greatly. Address your bankruptcy head on and let potential employers know that you are excited about how you are bouncing back from the situation. It sounds like to me that this situation may have even sparked more of an interest in your financial profession. If that is the case maybe speak to your rejuvenated interest. Honestly, it might impact you for some positions, therefore, keep your options open when looking for your next role.
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