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I am a 1st year student currently attending Houston Community College Central and was looking to transfer to a 4 year university for my bachelors after my prerequisites at HCC. I was wondering what degree program would you recommend that I get into if I wanted to pursue a career in Human Resources? What type of entry level HR experience should I try and get while I am obtaining my degree that would be valuable to a company once I graduate?
Answered by Sara, Hiring Expert at Grace, on Monday, October 24, 2016
Good Day Fellow HR Enthusiast,
Human Resources is a wonderful and rewarding career, I am glad you have interest. There are many disciplines within the HR family such Benefits, HRIS, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Compensation, Generalist, HR Operations, and Business Partnering. My recommendation is to pursue a degree in HR with a focus on what interests you. Look for entry level HR experiences such HR coordinator, HR analyst or recruiting coordinator. These types of positions will give you visibility into the various areas generalist’s touch. However, let’s be honest - I would take any opportunities that would give you experience in HR while you are still in school. Good luck on your HR career. I wish you the best.
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
I would have to agree with Sara, HR is a very rewarding career field. Congratulations on making such a huge decision for your future career! I think the most obvious degree to pursue is a Bachelor's in Human Resources. A degree in HR will allow you to benefit from the most targeted HR coursework to help in your future career. Some other degree programs to consider are Psychology and Communications. I often see HR professionals with these degree backgrounds as well.
As far as entry-level HR experience to obtain while in school, I think working as a recruiting coordinator or at a staffing agency would be great experience. These positons are typically most easy to find. You should also consider HR Internship positions at any company. I would also recommend thinking about where you want to land in HR long-term. Do you have an interest in benefits, recruiting, talent management, etc.? Or, are you most interested in an HR Generalist position? I would keep that in mind while seeking internships or part-time HR positions while in school.
Best of luck!
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, December 2, 2016
There are a number of majors that are applicable for Human Resources.  Among them are Communications, Psychology, General Management, and Human Resource Management itself, of course.  I would strongly recommend that you pursue internships in HR while you are in school.  In addition, once you graduate, be flexible in work location.  HR can be a difficult field to get into, so flexibility is key.  Any practical experience you can obtain is key as well.  As far as what part of HR you can start off in once you graduate, recruiting is one that is generally open to entry level HR grads.  You may also want to look at roles in HR Shared Services, which is the support arm of HR to employees at many companies.
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