/ Asked by frisco
My application and my application status were removed from the career website. Does this mean I am no longer considered for the job?
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Thursday, February 18, 2016
This does not necessarily mean that you are no longer under consideration.  It is unusual for your status to be completely removed.  Normally, it would be changed, but not removed.  If you were not under consideration, that status would reflect this.  This leads me to believe that either there is a glitch in the applicant tracking system of that company or that you may be considered for another position for which you have not yet applied.  In any case, I would recommend contacting someone in the recruiting department at that company to get an explanation of your status.  You should not be hesitant to correspond with the companies to which you apply, as long as it is not too frequent.  In your case, you have a legitimate reason for contacting them as your information is no longer viewable on their careers site.
Answered by Lori, Hiring Expert at Cigna, on Thursday, February 18, 2016
I'm not sure what type of company this is, but it sounds like a technical issue more than anything. Typically companies have applicant tracking systems that track a candidate throughout the application to disposition process. Companies need to keep accurate records of when someone applies and what their ultimate status and reason for their final action is. It is odd that you would show no record of your application when you log into the career website. My recommendation would be to reach out to the Careers area at the company. There should be a "contact us" area on their website or in the application section that will allow you to reach out to someone to get clarity on your status. Good luck!
Answered by Rachel, Hiring Expert at Eaton, on Monday, March 28, 2016
This does not necessarily mean that you have been removed or denied the job.  It could be as simple as a clerical or technical issue.  I suggest speaking with the contact listed on the application site and/or re-applying for the role.  It's always best to get the facts and make a decision from that point instead of making an assumption and a potential poor decision as a result.
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