/ Asked by Richard
I have been self employed many years as an electrician. What is the best way to document that on a resume?
Answered by Ellen, Hiring Expert at Hospira, on Monday, August 25, 2014
Great question.  There are many people who have their own business and state that on their resume.   List your business just like you would list any other employer on your resume.  Note your accomplishments under your company name.  I would also note the years you have been in this business so that is visable to the viewer of your resume. 

Hope this is helpful! 
Answered by Brandy, Hiring Expert at Archer Daniels Midland, on Tuesday, August 26, 2014
By listing your business and accomplishments just as you would if you worked for another company, you shouldn't have any problems. Highlighting your experience, accomplishments, provide accurate dates and maybe some professional references future employers will view it as they would any other resume. Good Luck!
Answered by Rachel, Hiring Expert at Eaton, on Wednesday, August 27, 2014
You should list this employment just as you would any other professional experience.  Make sure to accurately reflect your dates of operation, accomplishments during that time period and any special recognitions or achievements.  
Answered by Dana, Hiring Expert at ManpowerGroup, on Thursday, September 4, 2014
Excellent question! In similar situations, I have seen folks use verbiage like “Chief Electrician/Owner-Operator” as the job title, along with the proper name of their company (e.g. Kurtz Electric, LLC.).

Along with the dates of your involvement with this role, I would include the geographic scope of your work (e.g. “Metro Chicagoland Area” as the job’s location).

Using bullet points, I would then carefully document highlights from your career, including your areas of expertise (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), and any related certifications you acquired to do the job. You can do a basic image search online for examples of other electrician’s resumes, to get ideas as to how this might be best formatted.

I would also list transferable skills, including soft skills. For example, you could say: “Built and maintained a significant book of business, while continuously seeking out new local clients via referrals and industry affiliations,” or “Provided top-quality service with excellent attention to customer needs in high-pressure situations.” These are just a couple of examples, but I am sure you will find more online.

Emphasize the parts of your role that reflect sales/business development, account management, project management, people management, budget forecasting, financial know-how, etc. Show off your customer service skills, your ability to handle multiple projects, and your dedication to customer satisfaction. If you ever hired help for a big project, mention that you have leadership experience and are able to coordinate the activities of a team.

And definitely work to obtain written recommendations to back up your skills. If you have a LinkedIn page, you can list it on your resume, and have clients write up a little blurb about you in that handy LinkedIn “Recommendations” section. You can also obtain more traditional recommendations in letter-format if your clients don’t typically use LinkedIn, and offer to provide these documents to recruiters upon request.

I would also encourage you to have your best clients recommend you on sites like Yelp – yet another resource which can be shared with recruiters or Hiring Managers at your discretion. It may boost your credibility as you search for a new career, and “wow” someone who is reviewing your info.
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