How to Job Hunt From Another State

Make Your Intentions Clear
It is becoming much more common for people in the workforce to look for job opportunities in different cities or states, so employers should not find it strange if you are looking for jobs while living in a different state. With that being said, you should make your interest in relocating clear so your application is not interpreted as a mistake. The easiest way to do this is in you cover letter. You should explain that you are seeking to move to the area and provide an estimated time frame of your relocation, if possible. Jennifer, a hiring expert from ADM, suggests this: “I would write a cover letter and let them know that you are interested in relocation. Having a cover letter that highlights your flexibility to relocate might help land an interview, provided your skills and experiences are a fit for the position.”

Utilize LinkedIn
Technology has become a vital part of the job search process, and even more so for candidates looking for jobs in a different state. While anyone looking for a job should learn to utilize LinkedIn, it is essential for remote candidates to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and begin to network. Gigi, a hiring expert from ADP, puts it best. “This is a great opportunity to use LinkedIn— figure out who is in charge, and get comfortable with the advanced search function. Considering 89% of recruiters have hired employees through this tool, it’s critical that you establish your LinkedIn presence and use it to your advantage.” 2 The internet allows you to connect with people all over the world, so you should certainly take advantage of this and start connecting with people in your new home.

Start Early
Applying for a job from a different state poses some logistic difficulties that a local job search doesn’t, so it’s best to start looking sooner rather than later. Stephanie, a hiring expert from AT&T, says, “If you are looking for a job [in a different state], it is best to search early and often. Keep in mind that searching, applying, interviewing, and hiring are all elements of the process that take different amounts of time and engagement.” 3 This will depend on how early you know you’ll be relocating. If you aren’t planning on moving for 6+ months, you may want to stick to networking and wait to apply for jobs until you’re a bit closer to your move. Once you do start applying, try to be as upfront with the recruiter or HR professional coordinating the selection and hiring process.

A long-distance job search can be a great way to find your next career opportunity, but it will definitely require extra effort from both you and your potential new employer. Even so, it’s definitely not impossible, and by following these tips, you’ll be able to successfully find your next job!


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