Grace is...

World-class TALENT working together to solve problems…
Developing the best TECHNOLOGY to serve our customers…
Confident in the TRUST we have earned in the industry and beyond.

You’ll find the products of Grace’s culture of invention in toothpaste, car bumpers, cans and bottles, roads, biofuels, plastics, petroleum products and so much more. With more than 1,000 patents, the people of Grace are developing and delivering breakthrough catalysts and materials technologies to improve the quality of life across the globe.

Our promise to our customers, our communities and ourselves is to deliver value – safely, reliably, and creatively. When we do, the world becomes a better place…and we grow. We’re seeing dramatic growth right now beyond traditional markets and into the world’s fastest growing economies.

Where do YOU fit?

Can you contribute to our culture of safety and respect? Can you collaborate with customers, co-workers, partners and communities in long-standing relationships of quality and commitment?

Can you see yourself as part of a global talent base building industry-leading business segments?

Grace invites you to find out where you fit. Take a look at the opportunities now available in functions as diverse as manufacturing/operations, finance, information technology, supply chain, sales/marketing, human resources, and engineering. If you’re ready to lead, ready to grow, and ready to make a difference, we want to hear from you. Learn more at www.grace.com.

/ Asked by Jeff
This is a tough question for all parties. I would candidly ask your recruiter or the person who is letting you know that you did not receive the opportunity for feedback. Giving and receiving feedback...

/ Asked by Steven
This is a good question, but extremely important. Your college major in some industries is very important for it is the job qualification for entry-level jobs. As an example, we are a chemical manufac...

/ Asked by Maggie
I have learned in my career that a strong network is essential to success, so kudos for starting early. I would encourage you to become involved in global professional organizations and groups that ma...

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