Imagine being surrounded by intelligent, driven and passionate innovators all working toward the same goal—to create groundbreaking solutions that leave our world in a better place than we found it. That exciting environment is what you’ll discover at Emerson, where our diverse and inclusive team combines technology and engineering in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Together, we’re changing the world, and we have all the resources to help you achieve your professional goals.

Whether you’re an established professional looking for a career change, an undergraduate student exploring options or recently received your MBA degree, you’ll find a variety of opportunities at Emerson. Explore them now and join us in doing what’s never been done before.

Programs for Students and MBAs

We actively recruit high-caliber, creative students completing their undergraduate or graduate degrees in a variety of fields. Opportunities include internships for current students and leadership programs for recent engineering and MBA graduates. Learn more >

/ Asked by Cameron
Typically when looking at resumes, you'll see the Institution listed first, with the dates attended/when the degree is expected, followed by the degree type and major being pursued.  From th...

/ Asked by KelliMae
I wouldn't say that critical thinking and problem solving skills are more important than education or work experience. Education and work experiences are "hard skills," where the critical thinkin...

/ Asked by Cameron
I recommend listing the Extracurricular Activities in one place, rather than split between the two schools, just to ensure the information is organized in a way that is easy to find/understand.&n...

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