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Daikin Applied delivers engineered, flexible solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements with reliable products, knowledgeable applications expertise and responsive support.

Daikin Applied, a Fortune 1000 company, is the second largest air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration company in the world. We have earned a worldwide reputation for providing a full line of quality products and expertise to meet the demands of our customers. Our representatives work with you to design HVAC systems that can save you money while providing optimal overall system performance and occupant comfort. The engineered flexibility of our products allows you to fine tune your HVAC system to meet the specific requirements of your application. You benefit from lower installed and operating costs, high energy efficiency, quiet operation, superior indoor air quality (IAQ) and low cost maintenance and service.

Since 1872, as a pioneer in the manufacture of the steam engine, Daikin Applied has been providing quality equipment. We continue to be at the forefront of changes in the HVAC industry, while leading the industry in environmental issues. We have been associated with quality brands the commercial market knows and trusts. Remington®, Singer®, HermanNelson® Company, American Air Filter®, Perfex® and McQuay®.

Daikin Applied's Quality Management System is ISO 9001 Certified.

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