/ Asked by J.M. S.
During your internship I would network, network, network as this is a great way to build your professional network but also build a team of those who support you.  Networks can really help introduce you to managers, leaders, HR professionals and many other employees at the company.  I woul...

/ Asked by Tanya L.
If asked about the situation the I recommend being transparent about it and showing where you are today with regards to the situation.  The question will most likely be as to why you were fired, was it performance related, behavior related, etc. etc.  Understanding how you'l...

/ Asked by Rebecca B.
I would definitely include an objective statement on your resume.  Be sure to tailor it to the position you are applying for and make it a clear and concise statement that shows the employer who you are and where you want to go with your career. 

/ Asked by Thalira C.
I would be sure to include any school projects you have worked on that would pertain to your field of interest.  Also, if you have any extracurricular activities that you partiicpate in, be sure to include those as well.  If you've volunteered in the past, that can also be something to inc...

/ Asked by Robert S.
I would encourage you to include these types of activities and accomplishments on your resume.  Not as the focal point, but, it does speak to you as a candidate by being involved in activities outside of studies alone.  Clubs, student government and community service would all be great add...

/ Asked by KelliMae S.
Although it is not a requirement for most roles I would say it can be very important.  I wouldn't advise putting every volunteering experience you've ever had on a resume, but choose a few key experiences that help show the business who you are outside of work. 

/ Asked by Melissa N.
I would recommend trying a note in your cover letter that addresses this gap in employment.  Not anything lengthy, but just that you're ready to work after staying at home raising a child.  It's not uncommon for mothers to take time away from work. 

/ Asked by Emily S.
In my opinion it depends on the role.  For engineers, the technical skills might be more important than the professional skills whereas a human resources/client facing role, the professional skills are more important.  I think each has a place in the company and role, but the degrees are m...

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