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/ Asked by Emily P.
Through life we meet people we like, like better or dislike. You need to focus on the work, it's always about the work. Managers and workers come and go the work remains, If the manager is treating you differently then your co-workers that is a much bigger issue. Keep conversations wo...

/ Asked by Sarah T.
Usually on the application the agency will tell you how many references are required. If not, do one professional, one educational and one personal. They will contact you if additional information is needed.

/ Asked by Mitesh S.
Unfortunately in the workplace things happen beyond anyone’s control. Budgets could hold up an offer, a hiring manager’s sick child, vacation’s, do you see where I am going? Believe it or not inconsistency is “normal”. My suggestion is to contact the recruiter/HR manage...

/ Asked by Tiffany Y.
Ask the recruiter what you could have done differently during the interview to help you going forward. Sometimes we trip up because we are trying to over compensate. Be true to what you know and it is ok to take deep breathes between questions. Pause if you need to!

/ Asked by roshini b.
Anytime you want to learn, improve or develop look for continuing education classes. I would google, grammar for professionals review choices. There are also standard classes offered by University’s and College’s. After you polish up on your grammar think about public speaking groups. In...

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