/ Asked by Tanya L.
I strongly encourage employees to speak with their supervisors regarding internal opportunities. Your supervisor might have ideas and thoughts on potential training and development opportunities.  

/ Asked by Tanya L.
When you are responding to why you left your job, keep it professional. You do not need to elaborate and get into details. The job has to be a fit for both parties.

/ Asked by Angela B.
In this case, I would write a cover letter and let them know that you are interested in relocation. Having a cover letter that highlights your flexibility to relocate might help land an interview provided your skills and experiences are a fit for the position. Paying for the moving ex...

/ Asked by Nicholas L.
You need to be yourself, do some research on the company and compare the company values to your own to see if there are similarities. Be sure to highlight your strengths and experiences that relate to the position. When it comes to the questions regarding stress and criticism, be honest, only you kn...

/ Asked by Clark D.
You should focus on the tasks that you were given and the role that you played to execute those tasks. Did you take on more of a lead role or more of a support role. Explain what you did and the outcome of the project as a result. Some employers might ask questions regarding leading a team or being ...

/ Asked by Tanya L.
You should dress how you feel comfortable meaning a suit or business casual. If they say business casual and you dont feel comfortable going to an interview in anything but a suit, wear a suit. Business casual is nice dress pants and a button down shirt for males and for females nice dress pants, ni...

/ Asked by Abhishek I.
Focus on your strengths and what makes you tick. What is the driver behind why you are who you are. Maybe even go into things you like to do outside work (reading, spending time with family etc...). 


/ Asked by Riddhi P.
This is always the hard part, we don't normally like to talk about ourselves. You should always be yourself and speak about your strengths. Focus on your strengths that relate to the position you are being interviewed for. 

Jennifer 11/08/2016 

/ Asked by Miguel p.
You should include your business on your resume and be sure to include your responsibilities as a business owner. This will help you explain your gap. Focus on how you ran your business and how it relates to the position you applied for.

/ Asked by Barbara W.
Address the cover letter to the Hiring Manager or Recruiter if known. You should do some research on the company that you are applying with, in doing this research you should be able to find an address for the company. An example would be:

   August 30, 2016
Ms. Jane Doe
Human Resources Man


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