/ Asked by omer B.

There are many ways to search for internship opportunities. First off, if you are a college student, the best thing you can do is utilize your school's career services office.  Advisers can assist you in narrowing your career path and targeting specific companies you would like to work fo

/ Asked by David V.
Social media is a great resource for finding job opportunities and communicating with employers. First off, be sure to "follow" organizations and people in the field you'd like to work for. Many companies tweet about new job opportunities as they arise, so this is a great way to stay alerted...

/ Asked by Jonathan L.
I would definitely recommend you go for it! It seems like a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity and although it may not be relevant to your long-term career goals right now, it will benefit you in so many ways - both personally and professionally. Plus, your global work experience will certain...

/ Asked by philippe g.
For this type of career path, I would recommend a major in business management with either a minor or emphasis in Hospitality and/or Industrial Psychology. These areas will teach you the fundamentals of running and managing a business as well as its people.
Good luck!

/ Asked by Daryll M.
Great question! Simply put, yes, if this employer is saying there is a high chance of an offer upon completion of the co-op program based on strong performance, they are more than likely telling you the truth!
Many companies today are putting more and more focus and value on co-op and int...

/ Asked by Chris S.
As a young professional myself, I have asked myself this question as well over the course of my first year in the corporate working world... so I get where you are coming from! From my experience, I found the best way to grow professionally was to start taking better advantage of opportunities right...

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