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/ Asked by Sam B.
Great questions! If an offer is presented to you, typically the recruiter will state what the base salary or hourly wage will be and if there are any bonuses or other incentives included in the offer. You can ask what the "total compensation package" is which includes base salary, benefits, time off...

/ Asked by Daryll M.
Congratulations on your offer! I don't believe that you're being misled about the possibility of being offered a full time position. Companies tend to convert employees to full time after they've completed their internship based on the work performance throughout the internship or co-op. You do have...

/ Asked by Kirby A.
Yes, I would definitely reach out to the HR contacts about other opportunities. The key is to build your networking contacts and to keep in contact with those individuals so they can reach out to you when opportunities arise. I think it's a great idea to ask for feedback on why you were not selected...

/ Asked by Tanya L.
Great question! For some of our internship positions we require a certain GPA of 3.0 or 3.5 or higher as a requirement for the internship so in this case GPA is very important since it's a requirement for the position. For other non internship, entry level positions, GPA is not typically looked at s...

/ Asked by Claudia J.
I would suggest addressing the cover letter to "Dear Hiring Manager or Dear Recruiter. You can also call the company's HR department to see who the recruiter or hiring manager is for the position to make it more personable.  I also think it's fine to address it  "To Whom it May Concern."&n...

/ Asked by Laura C.
Great question! Here are a few questions that would good to ask at the end of the interview:

What are the day to day responsibilities for this position?  What are the expectations for this position? What is the culture of the company? Where do you think the company is headed in the next 5-10 ye

/ Asked by Chris S.
Good question. It really depends on the position and company you are applying to and what the company's policy is. Most alcohol citations including DWI, MIP etc are ok if you are honest and state on your application that you have this on your record. They will typically not prohibit you from getting...

/ Asked by Tanya L.
The length of the resume depends on your work experience. If you 're out of high school or college, it should be no longer than one page. I wouldn't go over two pages. You resume should include education, work experience and skills. You can note that references are available upon request i...

/ Asked by Tanya L.
Good question! Never settle for a job career that you will not like. To have a job is one thing but to love it is another! So if a job in your industry of choice is what will make you happy, then I suggest you seek out those jobs or companies you would like to work for. Network and connect with curr...

/ Asked by Mike S.
I would reflect on why you left your previous job. Do you really think that you will be happy going back there? And why do you hate your new job? I would weigh the pros and cons before making any rash decisions. You don't want to burn any bridges at your new job so you need to give proper notice if ...

/ Asked by Tanya L.
I would read the job description carefully and only apply for positions where you meet the minimim requirements. Many job postings state a minimum number of years of experience that is required for that position. If the experience is preferred and not required then I would advise you to apply.

/ Asked by Holly R.
Great question. You want to be open and honest regarding the felony on your application or during the phone interview if the question is asked. During our phone interview we ask, "Have you ever been convicted of any misdeameanors or felonies?" We don't ask for a specific time frame, just if you've e...

/ Asked by Vinesh M.
This is really a personal decision and you need to think about what's important to you. It would be great to find a position in your field of study and also be close to your family.

Good luck in your job search!

/ Asked by Paige M.
I recommend only putting the school that you graduated from on your resume and Linked In. You don't need to include schools that you transferred from.


/ Asked by Felicia L.
Good Afternoon,
I recruit for Internal Auditors at Mutual of Omaha and we don't require a license. I'm not sure what other companies do but you may want to research that before you get licensed.


/ Asked by Christian K.
Yes, you should definitely list your customer service experience even though it's not directly related to your field of study. Customer service is used in any position and demonstrates your communication and critical thinking skills. You should list any type of work experience that you had while you...

/ Asked by Tydie A.
That is wonderful news that you received a positive review! I would definitely recommend applying for the other open position in the company. I would let your manager know that you're interested and since you received a positive review, I  am sure that your manager would give you a great refere...

/ Asked by Tariq B.
No, you're not at a disadvantage but not getting your master's degree. Alot of positions only require a bachelor's degree and a master's degree may be preferred. If you're considering getting your master's degree you may want to take classes if the company offers tuition reimbursement.

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